Unique Personal Data Deletion Solution

Unique personal data deletion solution for the Automotive Industry.

Ensure GDPR Compliance for you and your customers.

  • Build and manage Compliance records
  • Easily integrated into inspection and defleet processes
  • Fully Certified with date and time stamped certification
  • Delivers full clearance of all Personal Information from any vehicle
  • Meets ICO expectations of the Remarketing sector’s responsibilities

Multi-patented platform to delete Personal Information left in vehicles, a legal obligation of controllers.

Simple – Efficient – Effective solution for:

  • Banks, Leasing, OEM Captives and independent funders
  • Flexible Mobility Providers
  • Daily Rental & Car Clubs
  • OEM owner fleets
  • Dealerships

Award winning:


European Start-Up of the Year, 2023


Remarketing Innovation of the Year, 2023


In Car Data, 2021

Guidelines 01/2020 on processing personal data in the
context of connected vehicles and mobility related
applications – March 2021

Guidelines 2/2023 on Technical Scope of Art. 5(3)
of ePrivacy Directive – November 2023