Passenger Retail Services

Collect on Return

Service to enable passengers to purchase on departure and collect on return, or have items delivered.

The leading edge Collect on Return solution, launched in 2023, digitalises the complete end-to-end process, from point of purchase to collection. Saving huge amounts of resource time and adding a new dimension of security.  Passenger notifications, advanced product tracking and solution reporting help to ensure products are in the right place at the right time and customer experience is maximised.

Lounge Product Selector

In lounge shopping service to enable passengers to request products to be brought to them.

The unique Product Selector provides the ability for leading brands to present their products to passengers all in the comfort of the airport lounge environment. Passengers simply use the Product Selector to request items to be brought to them before they fly. For retailers, the solution enables them to promote their products to an audience they were previously unable to reach.

Mobile Payment

Mobile payment solution that supports in lounge or out of retailer purchasing.

The challenge in completing a customer purchase of a brands products in lounge or out of retailer has now been overcome. The Mobile Payment solution enables either a single or multiple brand/retailer transaction to be completed in one go with the proceeds split between the brand/retailer.

For retailers, the solution enables them to sell their products to an audience they were previously unable to reach and for customers it adds a new dimension to in lounge customer experience.

VIP Lounge

VIP lounge service that supports the promotion of services and products to VIP lounge passengers.

A luxurious and tailor-made service – offering a harmonious and special journey through an airport. Private, personal and exclusive – delivering an unforgettable airport experience.

A unique service to add another dimension to the VIP customer experience at an airport. The VIP Lounge solution enables VIP passengers to request and book services and order luxury products on route to the airport, or from the VIP lounge.